Hey Jude: The Song That Could Keep Soaking Joyous Stands of Bernabeu for Years

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In the bustling world of football, where roaring crowds, stunning goals, and nail-biting finishes often take center stage, it might seem unlikely for a mere song to become a symbol of joy and unity. However, at the Bernabeu stadium, the iconic anthem “Hey Jude” has done just that. In this article, we’ll delve into the story behind this remarkable phenomenon, exploring how a timeless song has etched its presence in the hearts of football fans around the world.

The Beginnings of “Hey Jude” at Bernabeu

The Genesis of a Tradition

At the heart of this story lies a simple but powerful tradition that was born decades ago. It all started when a group of passionate Real Madrid fans decided to adopt “Hey Jude” by The Beatles as their unofficial anthem. Little did they know that this choice would change the atmosphere of the stadium forever.

A Song That Unites

“Hey Jude” struck a chord with fans due to its uplifting lyrics and catchy melody. The song’s message of hope and togetherness resonated with the fans, and it soon became a unifying force that transcended language barriers and brought fans from diverse backgrounds together.

The Role of “Hey Jude” in Matchdays

Pre-Game Ritual

Before every home game, the Bernabeu reverberates with the familiar tune of “Hey Jude.” It has become a pre-game ritual that sets the stage for an electrifying atmosphere. Fans sing along passionately, creating an unforgettable spectacle that players and spectators alike cherish.

Energizing the Players

The impact of “Hey Jude” isn’t limited to the stands. It has a profound effect on the players as well. Stepping onto the pitch to the sounds of thousands of fans singing in unison can be an exhilarating experience. It boosts the morale of the players and fuels their determination to give their best on the field.

Hey Jude: A Song for All Seasons

The Evergreen Chorus

One of the remarkable aspects of “Hey Jude” at Bernabeu is its enduring popularity. Decades have passed since it was first adopted, yet the song continues to be sung with the same enthusiasm and fervor. It has become an evergreen chorus that echoes through the stadium season after season.

Special Moments and Celebrations

Over the years, “Hey Jude” has been part of numerous special moments and celebrations at the Bernabeu. From league victories to historic comebacks, the song has been there to soundtrack the joyous occasions, making them even more memorable.


In the world of football, where change is constant, “Hey Jude” stands as a timeless symbol of unity and joy. It has transcended the boundaries of music and sport, becoming an integral part of the Bernabeu’s identity. As long as the stadium stands and fans gather to support their beloved team, “Hey Jude” will continue to soak the joyous stands of Bernabeu for years to come.


1. Who chose “Hey Jude” as the anthem for Bernabeu? The choice of “Hey Jude” as the anthem for Bernabeu was made by a group of passionate Real Madrid fans.

2. Why is “Hey Jude” so popular among football fans? “Hey Jude” is popular among football fans due to its uplifting lyrics and catchy melody, which convey a message of hope and togetherness.

3. How does “Hey Jude” affect the players at Bernabeu? “Hey Jude” has a positive impact on the players at Bernabeu, boosting their morale and determination to perform well on the field.

4. Has “Hey Jude” lost its popularity over the years? No, “Hey Jude” has remained popular at Bernabeu and continues to be sung with enthusiasm, making it an evergreen chorus.

5. Are there any other songs that hold a similar significance in football stadiums? Yes, several other songs have become iconic in football stadiums, but “Hey Jude” at Bernabeu is one of the most enduring and beloved examples.


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